Flipping with Northern Bay College – Victoria


On Thursday October 29, I had the pleasure of working with a group of senior teachers from Northern Bay College in Geelong, Victoria who are developing a whole school approach to Flipped Learning and were keen to see what Adobe had to offer.

I started the workshop by giving these teachers a chance to play with Adobe Presenter Video Express which is still the easiest way for the average teacher, with minimal video editing experience, to make a quality video about a key concept that they want their students to understand. Version 11 also has a feature that allows for the presenter to be keyed into a range of cool looking backgrounds. It also features the ability to add quiz questions that are embedded within the video to test the student’s understanding.


After playing with Presenter, we explored a range of the free Adobe mobile apps including Voice, Clip & Slate. We look at these not only as way for teachers to provide content for a flipped learning experience but also for students to use as a way of constructing their learning with the time saved in a flipped classroom, when less time is being used by a teacher talking to the whole class.


The resources I shared during this session are available via the Adobe Education Exchange via: