The Bully Project on the NSW Central Coast


Last week I ran a series of events on the Central Coast of NSW including three Adobe Days with an anti-bullying theme thanks to a new partnership with The Bully Project.


The Bully Project is based around the 2012 US documentary film Bully which is a documentary about the effects of bullying in American. The Bully Project has impacted nearly four million students as part of a campaign to raise awareness over the fact that 1 in 4 students are bullied.


Katie Barry (Impact Producer – The Bully Project)  joined me for these Adobe Days at Lisarow High, Terrigal High and Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College in Tumbi Umbi . Adobe Days are student workshops that focus on enhancing creativity skills with Adobe software. They are held either at an Adobe Office or on location at a school. This week’s events have had a focus on video production with Adobe Premiere Pro.


 Katie introduced the bullying theme with clips from the movie Bully and encouraged a discussion around what it means to be an Upstander if and when you witness bullying. The students then formed production groups to plan their 2 minute anti-bullying story for the mural.


Once the stories were planned and reviewed, the students used a range of recording equipment including professional gear that I provided, cameras owned by the school and their own devices to capture all their footage, still images and audio.


Filming a scene at Terrigal High


Working with the green screen at Tuggerah Lakes

Once all the footage was captured, the students spent the rest of the day learning a range of editing techniques with Adobe Premiere Pro as they put their various stories together.


Ross Johnson from Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College helping  his students build their video stories.

Stay tuned to both this post and The Bully Mural to see some of the finished products.

Here is an example of what the Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College student’s produced…