Adobe Creative Cloud for NSW DoE Students


The current enterprise agreement between the NSW Department of Education and Adobe now allows students to download and install Adobe Creative Cloud software (excluding storage & services) for free on one personally owned device via the student BYOD Webstore.


An Adobe Creative Cloud membership gives students access to the latest and greatest industry standard Adobe creative software and other new applications as they are released.


As well as Adobe Presenter, Captivate, Photoshop Elements & Premier Elements.

Students now get the freedom to create virtually anything they can imagine and are encouraged to think and act creatively with these amazing tools. With the Adobe Creative Cloud, students have the power to:

  • Design posters, logos and edit photos and videos like a professional
  • Build websites without writing code and create web, mobile, and tablet apps with HTML5
  • Create a polished portfolio and make sensational presentations and reports
  • Become more interested in discovering things for themselves and be better equipped to work well with others
  • Be more open to new ideas and challenges and have a stronger ability to solve problems
  • Become more efficient learners and show greater ownership of their learning


Previously, Adobe Creative Suite 6 was provided for the student BYOD program. This is now replaced with the complete Adobe Creative Cloud (no storage or services included). All copies of Adobe Creative Suite 6 will expire on Dec 1st 2016. The old software will need to be uninstalled and upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud.

More information about the program and the Adobe agreement is available on the NSW DoE, Technology for Schools intranet portal (you will need your NSW DoE login details) :

How will the students access it?
Visit the Student BYOD Webstore . Student will have to claim a redemption code and apply it to their Adobe ID. If the student is under 13 years of age, a parent or guardian will have to create an Adobe ID.

Adobe Education Exchange
Resources on how to teach with and learn the wide range of Adobe applications are found via the Adobe Education Exchange ( which currently has over 325,000 members and over 12,000 resources.


Adobe Support

A wide range of tutorials for beginners and masters are available via the Adobe Support Site