Photoshop at Wodonga


I had the pleasure of visiting Wodonga Catholic College this week in northern Victoria to run some Adobe Photoshop sessions for Year 10 & 11 photography and media students.


I had the opportunity to see how many of the students are working with Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications to produce a wide range of outstanding multimedia productions.

My main message to these senior secondary students was to develop their media literacy skills to help them stand out from the crowd and have the ability to brand themselves in creative ways for future employment and study possibilities.

Some of the most popular Photoshop techniques I taught the students included content aware fill, the liquify filter, the clone stamp tool, perspective warp and puppet warp.

A great resource to help improve Photoshop skills is the free Adobe Support Site …

I also spent some time showing them the value of a range of the other Adobe applications that they were able to access as part of the Victorian Catholic schools enterprise agreement with Adobe.


A personal highlight for me was seeing my sister Lisa Mason in action and meeting many of her students. Lisa is one of the media teachers at Wodonga Catholic College.