Paul’s legacy lives on


The Paul Kitchen – Junior Teacher of the Year – St Vincent’s Clinical School

One of my father’s passions was teaching medical students from The University of Melbourne during their clinical experience at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. Each year since his passing in 2011, a trophy in Paul’s honour has been awarded to encourage the medical teaching staff at St Vincent’s to continue in his tradition of great teaching.

This year, the trophy was awarded to Dr. Peter Iser, a General Medical Physician who works at St Vincent’s and Geelong. Peter was taught by Paul, and fondly remembers him as an inspirational teacher and surgeon.


The 2016 graduating medical students from St Vincent’s Clinical School

The Paul Kitchen Junior Teacher of the Year award is announced annually at a special graduation mass at St Vincent’s that precedes the student’s graduation ceremony at The University of Melbourne when they officially become doctors.

My mother Merrill spoke about Paul’s passion for progressive education and how he helped drive the teaching program at St Vincent’s to a more problem based and inquiry approach. I recall many past conversations with Paul about the value of this approach in K-12 education.

This is the first year when the graduating students would have never been taught by Paul at any stage. The medical students may have never met Paul, but many of the teaching and administration staff  remember him fondly and it is always a pleasure and privilege for our family to be asked to pass on this special award and continue Paul’s legacy.


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