Creativity at Brigidine College, Brisbane


Brigidine College is a delightful Independent Catholic Girls School in the hills of Indooroopilly, near the centre of Brisbane, Australia. I had the pleasure of keynoting one of their opening staff days for 2017 and also running some Adobe related workshops.

The keynote topic was Creativity in Education is no longer an option, it’s an absolute necessity : Preparing GenZ for the real world. It was an honour to introduce many of the staff to the work and messaging of Mitch Resnick, Seymour Papert, Sir Ken Robinson, Edward de Bono, Professor Yong Zhao, Alfie Kohn, Dan Haesler, Marc Prensky and other education thought leaders.

I also used this opportunity to share the most recent research from Adobe titled: GEN Z in the Classroom: Creating the Future. This involved 2,521 students and 1,016 teachers from Australia, US, UK & Germany. Key objectives of this study are:

  • Understand how students view creativity and its impact/application across all different types of classes and potential careers;
  • Explore what creative tools students and educators see as most helpful in developing their online brands;
  • Uncover the synergies and gaps within the student/educator experience today when it comes to creativity, as well as what each group sees as the future of learning and working; and
  • Identify which regions “shine” in how they are preparing for the future workforce when it comes to creativity, and which fall behind.

More information & findings can be found via

My keynote slides are available via:

Following the keynote, Brian Chau (Adobe Solution Consultant) and I ran a series of hands-on workshops with a focus on Adobe Spark and Adobe Acrobat DC.