Adobe Day with Dapto High


A specially selected group of talented student from Year 8 to 12 at Dapto High School in New South Wales had a very early start on Wednesday 15th February. They met at Dapto station at 6.45 AM to get to the Adobe Sydney office by 9.15 AM for an Adobe Day with me.

Following a tour of the office, we set up a green screen to do some filming and went though a wide range of key camera capture techniques.

Here are some of the key techniques we looked at …

Most of the day was spent getting familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage that was filmed along with a range of footage and audio options.

The students were a delight to work with. They picked up the various techniques quickly and were able to apply them.

Adobe Education Leader Darcy Moore, Deputy Principal at Dapto High, was instrumental in organising this event. I’m, looking forward to visiting the school later this year and continuing to hear from Darcy about how these students progress with their video literacy skills.