Creativity at Templestowe College

Templestowe College (TC as they like to call it) in Melbourne is one of the most innovative schools I have had the pleasure of visiting. Last Wednesday 22nd February, I enjoyed working with some of their key art teachers and some very talented students at this amazing school.

I was very impressed when I first saw the 2014 TEDx talk by Peter Hutton, Principal at Templestowe College ( Peter is breaking down the traditional concept of what is school with a major focus on students talking responsibility for their own learning. I urge you to watch his talk and get a sense of what is happening at this amazing school.

Peter has employed some very talented teachers who are supporting his vision for progressive education. One such educator in Mini Goss who has spent most of her working life as an illustrator and author. These days, she is teaching her craft to some very luck students and showing them how products such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are fundamental to the print industry.


Meeting Mini Goss

I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with some very talented art students and was pleased to be able to show them some Adobe applications that should be able to lift their work to the next level and help them communicate their talent to their peers, their teachers and a wider global audience.

I’m looking forward to visiting Templestowe College again next month where I will be running a workshop for the general teaching staff.