Sparking Creativity with the Strathy Year 7s


On Tuesday 14th March, I had the pleasure of spending most of the day with all the Year 7 students at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School in Melbourne with an aim to get them familiar with the Adobe Spark products on their iPads.

The girls began each session learning how to make quick digital posters with Spark Post. Then they mastered Spark Video to make short video stories and with the remaining part of each lesson, they were shown how to put a Spark Post & Video into a Spark Page.

It was a joy to see the way the girls engaged with the software and very quickly built creative and entertaining posters and stories. The concept behind the Adobe Spark tools is to get content out there quickly and not be too worried about design concerns. Unlike some of Adobe’s professional tools, these tools are easy to master and a great way to be introduced to the world of digital creativity with Adobe.

Find out more about Adobe Spark via and/or watch the following videos …