Sparking Science @ Shenton College, WA


Shenton College is a large co-educational public secondary school located in Shenton Park, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. On Thursday 22nd June, Drew Mayhills, Shenton’s Technology Innovation Coordinator (and Adobe Education Leader) invited me to work with a Year 9 Science class to explore how Adobe Spark could help them construct their learning.


Shenton College science teacher Mr Matthews, was keen for the students to revise a range of scientific terms for their up and coming assessment. Together, we used Spark post for the students to build posters about each of the terms.

The next stage of this lesson was to ask the students to build story videos with Adobe Spark Video that featured each other’s posters.

A particular highlight for me was working with two deaf girls and their translators as well as one boy Tom who is high on the autism scale. All three students took to the Sparks apps like a fish to water. Mr Matthews told me that this was the most he has ever seen Tom engaged in a lesson. Tom did a special Spark post just for me …


It was lovely to work with these students and teachers at Shenton College and share with them the educational power of the free Adobe Spark tools.