Character Animator with Year 6 at The Geelong College


Adobe Character Animator helps bring digital puppets made in Photoshop or Illustrator to life by tracking your facial feature via a webcam.

On Tuesday 29th August, I had the pleasure of working with all the Year 6 students from The Geelong College in Victoria and introducing them to the joys of animated storytelling with Adobe Character Animator.

Rather than building a puppet from scratch, the student were all provided with a  character that they then manipulated in Photoshop to feature their school logo. They then imported it into Character Animator and brought it to life via their own facial reactions.

Later in the day the students were all taught how to use Adobe Spark to help communicate their stories via posters, videos and web pages.



I was very impressed with how quickly these students adapted to the new software and how creative they were with their storytelling.