Adobe Edu Summit – APAC 2017


The APAC Adobe Education Community Leadership Summit for 2017 was held from 25th to 27th September at the Adobe Sydney office in Darling Harbour. This is the third Summit of its type this year, European event was held in Germany this year and the Nth American Summit was held at the Adobe mother ship headquarters in San Jose, California.

Click here to watch the live recordings.

About 30 Adobe Education Leaders and Adobe Campus Leaders from all over Australia made their way to Darling Harbour Sydney for just over two days of creative presentations, workshops and networking.

The event began with a delightful evening event at the Adobe office…

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The first full day of activities commenced with a welcome and some get to know you activities before we went live to air via Livestream Australia and Wilkar Productions and welcomed other educators from around Asia Pacific and other countries.

Tacy Trowbridge (Adobe’s Global Education Programs Lead) flew to the event from San Francisco and provided us with am overview of Adobe Education Programs.

Matt Neimitz connected in from the US to give us all an Adobe Education Exchange Update.


Dan Haesler, Director of Cut Through Coaching & Consulting was the main keynote presenter. He provided us links between creativity, mindset and authentic engagement.

Day 1 networking images …

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Following Dan, we commenced the first of a series of Creative Catalyst Talks, short presentations aimed at stimulating creative thinking and action for educators.

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Queensland Adobe Education Leader, Larissa Warren kicked off with a presentation titled No Boundaries, the analog/digital classroom.


Adobe Education Leader Kev Lavery presented his CC talk titled Such Content Very Engage, a focus on the effective use of animated gifs.


Adobe Campus Leader Jessica Peade presented the topic Scope and Sequencing-Successful PBL for the Curious Tech Student.


Click here to watch the live recordings.

Adobe Education Leader Andrew On Yi Lai presented his Creative Catalyst Talk next titled Surprise Me focused on engaging, motivating and heightiung the expectations of our students.


It was great to have William & Robyn from Wilkar Productions with us again this year to capture the live feed, record the live sessions and and also record a series of video interviews.


Click here to watch the live recordings.

Between creative catalyst talks, we enjoyed some networking time as well as a set of Adobe workshops. Susan Bell ran an Adobe Spark workshop titled – Creating engaging materials with Spark. Chris Woldhuis ran an Adobe Premiere Pro workshop titled Fast turnaround video editing.

After the lunch break, Susan Bell (one of Australia’s first Adobe Education Leaders) did a CC Talk titled How Adobe Spark revolutionised student engagement at University of Tasmania


Eden Carey, AEL from WA, presented her talk titled iPad apps in the classroom


Click here to watch the live recordings.

We welcomed QLD educator Heath Henwood to our community with his presentation titled Turning Students into Independent Thinkers.


NSW AEL Tim Creighton did his talk titled Creating student pride in your school


We also welcomed Victorian AEL  Max Schleser to the Adobe Education Leadership community with his presentation titled Smartphone Filmmaking – New Trends & Directions


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The next networking session involved workshop options from Max Schleser titled Smartphone Filmmaking & Mobile Social Media Content Production & Chris Betcher titled Adobe Comp to InDesign.

At the end of Day 1, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner cruise on the iconic Sydney Harbour.

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The final day of the Summit commenced with a fresh set of Creative Catalyst Talks. QLD Adobe Campus Leader Juliette Bentley presented her session titled Lifting Words From The Page.


WA ACL Alison Blackwell was welcomed into the community with her CC Talk titled Building Creative Capacity with Murals.


NSW AEL Darcy Moore presented next with his talk titled International Exchanges: Connecting Creatively


And NSW AEL Emeritus Chris Betcher, presented his CC Talk titled Left Brain, meet Right Brain.


Click here to watch the live recordings.


Later in the morning of the final day we met the BuzzyTV Games team who shared how their interactive games solution is becoming very popular in schools across Australia.


JB Tinker from Certiport shared with the educators the value of Adobe Certification.


If you are interested in finding out more information about Adobe Certification, please contact JB Tinker –

That was the end of the live sessions. Click here to watch the recordings.

The afternoon was spent with the BuzzyTV team as well as Adobe Solution Consultants Brian Chau & Jane Chen. Brian ran two workshops on Adobe Character Animator and Jane’s workshops were about Adobe Experience Design (XP).




Special thank you everyone involved in the 2017 APAC Adobe Education Community Leadership Summit. We are looking forward to next year.