Creative Design at QUT


Last week, I was invited to visit a wonderful display of creative work from students at Queensland University of Technology, Faculty of Creative Industries – School of Design.



This exhibition featured the creation of book covers and posters involving about 250 students and 60 projects. Each inspired by real books and made with a combination of Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator and in some cases Adobe InDesign.

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I was very pleased to be able to offer a 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud license as a prize to a student for exceptional work. The luck student hasn’t been announced yet, but I have been told it will be a student involved in the following project featuring the creative use of Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter …


Special thank you to Manuela Taboada and her team at the QUT School of Design, Faculty of Creative Industries for the great work they are doing to inspire and educate our future designers.