Sparking creativity @ Carey


It was such a joy to go back to my old school (Carey Baptist Grammar School) and work with students and teachers at their Donvale campus last week.

Adobe Spark was the focus for this day and I had the opportunity to work with the Year 6s, 4s & even the Year 3s (which is as young as I have worked with in my time at Adobe).

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My family history with Carey goes right back to 1923 when my Grandfather Charles Ridley Kitchen was a foundation scholar. My father went there in the early 60s, my uncle Rev Tim Costello in the 70s, I was there as a student from 1979 to 1986, I taught the Carey Kew Junior School from 1996 to 2000 and these days I have a nephew & a niece at the school.


It was delightful catching up with Patrick Gray who was teaching a Year 4 class that day. I taught Patrick’s brother Richard in my first years of teaching in the early 1990s at Kingswood College. At the time Patrick was just starting school.


Richard was a very creative student who developed a strong passion for video production with me in the days just before digital editing was available. He is now a full-time movie director based on Los Angeles with currently 9 full-length movies to his name.

Richard Gray’s IMDb site

Special thanks to Kelvin Finger Carey Junior School Donvale, eLearning Advisor for organising this special Adobe Day at his school.