Creativity in Carrum Downs, Victoria


Rowellyn Park Primary School, in outer south-eastern Melbourne, has a very special Media Arts teacher named Carol Sieira who is passionate about enhancing her students’ digital literacy skills with Adobe tools.


It was delightful to recently visit one of Carol’s classes and Assistant Principal Alistair Sproal. Her classroom was surrounded with many examples of Adobe tools in action.

While I was there, the students were asked by Carol to use Adobe Photoshop Sketch on their iPads to draw a none stereotypical images of a male or female at work. This will later become part of an Adobe Spark video that the students will be working on. The topic complemented what the students were doing with their normal class teacher. Carol tries to link the techniques and concepts she is teaching in Media Arts as much as possible with the other work the students are doing.


Carol maintains a blog to help keep her students, colleagues and parents informed about the progress her students are making –


Within the blog, there are many examples of how Carol uses a range of Adobe applications to enhance the student’s digital literacy and creativity skills.

I would like to congratulate Carol on recently becoming an Adobe Campus Leader.