Introducing Project Rush


I’ve been waiting for a long time to be able to publicly share this with you. When I met with the Adobe Premiere Product Team in California in July 2017, I was given a sneak preview of what Project Rush was hoping to become and I was hooked.

A lot of teachers and students have been looking for a video making app that has more features than Premiere Clip, Adobe Spark and iMovie but without the often percieved complication of the professional Adobe Premiere Pro.


Project Rush is now available as a beta version. Please click here to apply to access.

What I love about Project Rush is that you can make your videos on the go with both your mobile phone, your tablet device and your desktop.


It features built-in camera functionality enabling anyone to take pro-quality video on their mobile devices. Editing is a breeze, with easy to use tools for colour correction, audio, motion graphics and more.

When it comes to titles, change the colour, size, font and more to make them unique.

Leveraging the power of Premiere Pro CC, Project Rush helps take your videos from amateur to amazing.

I can’t wait to see what teachers and students can do with this tool creativity tool from Adobe.