Digital storytelling at Macquarie University


About 90 staff from Macquarie University registered for one of three Adobe workshops that were run on Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th July.

The aim of these workshops was to enhance video storytelling skills and introduce these educators to some key Adobe storytelling apps such as Spark Video and Premiere Clip.


I shared with the participants that today’s students are immersed in digital realms, they want to produce media not just consume it. They are engaged more in formal education when they can work with digital creativity tools. Digital is how thinking and learning are increasingly happening across the whole curriculum.


School systems and universities across the globe are revising their curricula with an increasing emphasis on experiential learning, interdisciplinary approaches, and an array of literacies.


Adobe applications such as Spark Video & Premiere Clip help extend literacy traditions into new contexts, with an emphasis on creative problem solving through writing, speaking, presenting, making & storytelling.


I also shared the following video made with the Macquarie University Ancient History Department in April 2018.


Here are a range of images taken throughout all three workshops…

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The main resources I shared during these sessions is now available on the Adobe Education Exchange via –