Sparking creativity at Woodleigh School – Victoria


Part of the opening mission statement on the Woodleigh School website states that …

Great education is creative. It is collaborative. It is hard work for just reward.

Last week, I had the pleasure to visit the Penbank campus to work with the Year 5 students as well as a range of Woodleigh teachers on some Adobe Spark & Photoshop activities.


This was the first time I has seen under 13 year old students successfully access Adobe Spark via their normal school login process. Each Woodleigh student manages their own access to Adobe Creative Cloud software, including the Spark tools, via the Creative Cloud admin app through the Adobe Admin Console (part of the Named User Deployment (NUD) process). This means student under 13 do not need to log into accounts created by their teachers or parents, all authentication is managed in-house. I’m looking forward to when this process is available to all schools.

More info on Spark access via the Adobe Admin Console can be found via –


Adobe Campus Leader Justin de Lacy, is a teacher at Woodleigh and he invited me to spend the day with his Year 5s and colleagues to help share the value of Spark & Photoshop and digital creativity tools.


I was very impressed with what the students achieved and delighted with the ideas they came up with about how they can use this software.

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The teachers at the after-school professional learningĀ  session were just as delightful as the students. Some of theme had been using a number of Adobe applications over the years, and others were new to what Adobe had to offer.