Meeting Peggy Grande – Personal Assistant to President Ronald Reagan


On my recent flight from LA to Melbourne I had the pleasure of sitting next to the amazing Peggy Grande who was traveling to Australia to keynote a series of conference events for Executive Assistance. I naturally asked her about her experience as an EA and she started to tell me about her life as the personal assistant to USA President Ronald Reagan during his time as past President from 1989 to 1999.


Peggy has written a book about her time with President Reagan titled The President Will See You Now and she is regularly asked to speak at conferences, seminars and a range of media networks across the globe about her experiences and reflections of the Reagan years.

She was delighted to hear about the Adobe Education Leaders network and was keen to meet some of the members so I organised a very last minute event with the support of YGAP at the Fest of Merit restaurant in Richmond.


This was a wonderful opportunity for these educators and leaders to meet with Peggy and discuss US politics, world politics and the education system in the US and Australia and how we are preparing young people for the future.

Peggy was gracious enough to do a video interview with me prior to the dinner about the importance of encouraging creativity.