APAC Adobe Education Summit, 2018


The APAC Adobe Education Summit is one of three major worldwide events run by Adobe to support the work of their Adobe Education Leaders (AELs) and Adobe Campus Leaders (ACLs) around the world.

Check the recordings of the Creative Catalyst Talks from this event.

This year’s APAC summit was held on October 1 & 2 at the Adobe office in Sydney. It began with a delightful opening reception dinner event featuring a whisky tasting & history lesson from whisky chieftain Juliette Bentley.

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The next morning saw the start of a big day of learning activities and fun which began with presentation from the Global Adobe in Education team. Clara Galan flew in from San Francisco to be with us and Tacy Trowbridge and Matt Niemitz joined us live from the US.

Click here to see Clara’s presentation – Adobe Education Programs overview

Click here to see Tacy’s presentation – Adobe Edu Worldwide Overview

Click here to see Matt’s presentation – Adobe Education Exchange Update

Creative Catalyst Talks

We then enjoyed a series of outstanding short Creative Catalyst Talks about a wide range of education topics.

Max Schleser, Adobe Education Leader from Swinburne University in Melbourne presented the topic Cinematic VR & 360˚ video production.


Craig Daalmeijer-Power, Adobe Campus Leader from TAFE NSW presented the topic Drones, AR, VR, AI, What’s Next?


Sjaani van den Berg, Adobe Education Trainer presented Buzz Words, are we teaching to these standards?


Heath Henwood, Adobe Campus Leader from Rockhampton, QLD presented Transforming students through connecting technology and relationships


Brett Kent, Adobe Education Leader from the NSW Department of Education presented Education strikes again


Kev Lavery, Adobe Education Leader from TAFE QLD presented Essential Graphics & End Screens


We were very pleased to welcome Seiko Koike, Adobe’s Education Marketing Manager for Japan to this Summit and enjoyed her presentation titled Emerging CPS in Japanese Education


Joel Aarons, Adobe Education Leader from the Victorian Department of Education and Training presented Lessons Learned and Lessons Taught – Media Arts in Primary School


Juliette Bentley, Adobe Campus Leader from Mt St Michael’s College in QLD presented Making Sparks Fly



to be continued …