ACCE Post Conference Adobe Event


To cap off an exciting week for Adobe in Education, on Friday 5th October about 16 participants from the 2018 ACCE Conference chose to take part in the Adobe Masterclass Post-Conference event at the Adobe Sydney office.

Craig Daalmeijer-Power (Adobe Canopus Leader) from TAFE NSW and Rob Hurley (Adobe Campus Leader) from Ballarat Grammar helped me run this event.

Craig, Rob and I ran a series of workshop electives based on the needs and wants of the participants. We covered a wide range of Adobe related topics such as …

  • Photoshop tips & tricks for teachers
  • Real time animation with Adobe Character Animator
  • Working with the free Adobe Spark tools
  • Publication with Adobe InDesign
  • Simple animation with Adobe Animate
  • Multimodal Text with Adobe Spark
  • Video production with Adobe Premiere Pro (Beginners and Advanced sessions)