TAFE NSW Creative and Design Ideation SkillsPoint


On Friday March 1, a team from Adobe Education helped TAFE NSW launch their 2019  Creative and Design Ideation SkillsPoint week of activities in Parramatta.


I had the pleasure of sharing  some of the new technologies that have recently been developed by Adobe as well as resources such as the Adobe Education Exchange to an audience of NSW TAFE teachers & students.


It was also great to be invited to be part of a panel of experts from a range of industries such as music, fashion and art for an interesting discussion about the importance of  creativity in today’s society.


One of the panelists was Steve Bull who is a TAFE NSW SkillsPoint Industry Relationship Lead for Creative and Design Ideation. Steve has had a wealth of experience in the music industry as the bass player for the Aussie rock band Icehouse.

Here are some other images from this event …

This was the beginning of a week of activities which included some Adobe workshop sessions from our NSW based solution consultants.

Special thank you to Sandi Lucock, Industry Relationship Lead, Creative and Design Ideation SkillsPoint, for inviting us to take part in this launch.