Digital Creativity in Wagga Wagga Schools


While I was in Wagga Wagga this week, I was invited to work with students from Wagga Wagga High School and Kildare Catholic College.

The morning of Thursday April 4 was spent with a group of Year  11 and a group of Year 12 media students from Wagga Wagga High to help them enhance their skills with Adobe Photoshop. A number  of these students I had met in previous visits over the years and it was delightful to see the progress they  had made with a range of Adobe tools. Special thank you to Josh McKenzie (Industrial Multimedia Teacher) for helping to organise this day in collaboration with the Australian Computer Society Foundation.

The afternoon was spent with a group of media and drama students from Kildare Catholic College which is located directly opposite the High School.


Kildare students works extensively with Google Chromebooks so are limited in their access to the full Adobe Creative Cloud options. It was delightful to introduce them to the Adobe Spark tools that work very well on chrome books. They produced some very creative posters, videos and even some Spark webpages based on their passions.

Special thank you to Garry Steman, VET Information Technology Trainer & TAS Teacher at Kildare Catholic College for organising this event.