Digital Creativity at Churchlands, Perth


On Wednesday 8th May, Churchlands Senior High School in Perth, was the venue for a range of Adobe digital creativity activities.

The first activity was during the afternoon with a talented group of students who were keen to enhance their skills with Adobe Photoshop.

Later in the afternoon, the school hosted an Inject Creativity into the Curriculum event that was registered by 46 educators from 19 different schools and education groups.

Comments from the feedback included:

  • I enjoyed watching the engaging videos – I felt very inspired at the end of the event wanting to CREATE!
  • Tim is a great presenter, inspires and engages. Very keen to find out more about becoming a campus leader.
  • A highlight was exploring Adobe Rush and Adobe Spark Video, excited to implement them in the classroom
  • A highlight was working with inspiring, like-minded creative experts.
  • A highlight was the realisation of how easy spark is to access for everyone on most devices
  • Great to be able to meet other Adobe people who have an interest in education
  • A highlight was being more aware of the Creative Suite and the introduction to Rush
  • Fantastic well presented, valuable PD
  • The breakout session with Darren allowed me the opportunity to try something new with software I hadn’t used in years and some software i’d never used. His enthusiasm made it very enjoyable.
  • Being given the time and opportunity to try something that I otherwise would not be able to undertake is invaluable.
  • A highlight was Ali’s take on creativity and using Adobe Apps as part of that.


Special thank you to Adobe Education Leader Alison Blackwell who organised this event.


Also, thank you to Darren Smith and Peter Bryans who helped run an Adobe workshop breakout session.

All my resources for this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via: