Video production with Premiere Pro at Blackburn High – Melbourne

I was invited to Blackburn High School in Melbourne’s east on Wednesday 15th May to introduce two Year 9 classes of media students to the wonders of Adobe Premiere Pro for their future video productions.


Premiere Pro is the standard in most of the world of video, TV production and it has also been the cutting tool of choice for Marvel Studios over the past few years. It is always such a pleasure to introduce this tool to film makers and video producers of the future.

It didn’t take long for the students to get the basics and start cutting their own stories with footage that I provided for them.


The Victorian Department of Education and Training have had an agreement with Adobe for about 3 years to allow all their secondary students access to this amazing industry standard software to help them construct their learning and prepare for the next step when they leave school and enter the workplace.

Special thank you to teachers Tameka Carter & Pei-Yu Hsu for organising this incursion for their students.

Blackburn High have entered a number of videos into past Adobe Have a Voice projects over the years. Here are some samples of the work their students have produced.