Big Day In – Hobart


The Big Day In came to Hobart, Tasmania on Wednesday 22nd May, 2019. About 400 students from around the state visited the University of Tasmania who hosted this wonderful event.

The Vice Chancellor,  Professor Rufus Black opened the event and shared with the secondary students about the importance of encouraging students to start up their own tech companies to assure their and Australia’s future.RufusBlack.jpg

I was the first of the keynote presenters with the topic, skills to thrive in the future.


Katy Cooper, Founder StartSchool & DisruptiveCo was next with the  topic The Driver, The Curator & The Expert – Preparing for the Age of the Individual

Other presenters included:

  • Dennis Prior, Department of Human Services – Cyber Security & You
  • James Ewan, ISW  – A Software Developer’s Journey
  • Nick Rudenno, Senior UX Designer, Handbuilt Creative – Passion, Persistence & a Fair Amount of Luck
  • Dr Paris Buttfield-Addison from & Mars Geldard  Paris from  Buttfield-Addison

Tasmanian Senator the Hon Eric Abetz also visited for a brief presentation about how both the state and federal government are supporting a range of STEM related activities to encourage students to develop skills in coding and ICT.


Tasmania is such a beautiful part of Australia. It really was a pleasure to be back there  again to meet and work with these amazing students, teachers and IT  professionals.