Video literacy with ISV


On Friday August 16, I had the pleasure to run an introduction to video literacy professional learning event at the Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) headquarters in Melbourne for teachers from 6 different schools.


I began by showing them how to use Adobe Spark Video as a very simple way of making a quick video production. Spark Video is part of the free set of Adobe Spark apps. The teachers were very impressed with the simplicity of the Spark tools but most of them were wanting a more comprehensive solution, so I introduced the Adobe Premiere Rush.

I set them a design challenge to work with a partner and create a 1minutes video about themselves and their passions. Some chose to work with Spark, other worked with Rush. Two of the teachers wanted to go to the next level with Premiere Pro, so while the teams were creating their clips, I worked with them to developed their Premiere Pro skills.

The resources I shared for this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –