Swinburne – Rush Creative Jam


On Tuesday December 10, the Adobe Education team hosted a Creative Jam event at Swinburne University in Melbourne based on enhancing digital literacy skills with a focus on video production with Adobe Premiere Rush. This event involved staff from the Swinburne Learning & Teaching Unit as well as the Student Engagement team.

The day began with in introduction and overview by Professor Sarah Maddison (Pro Vic Chancellor – Academic Innovation & Change).


Professor Maddison reminded everyone that Swinburne officially launched as an Adobe Creative Campus on 28th November 2019. This has provided access to the entire Adobe creative cloud suite of software for free to all 56,000 students and 2,000 + staff at Swinburne University. They are the first university in Australia to take up this initiative and within the first 25 universities globally.


Professor Maddison said the purpose of joining this program is all about boosting digital literacy at Swinburne. Part of the agreement will lead to a range of initiatives over the next three years including a new Digital Literacies Hub in the main library to be launched at the start of semester one 2020. This Hub will be hosted by digital literacy coaches made up from Swinburne students who are exceptional & passionate Adobe uses with an aim to help students and staff make the most of their new Adobe tools. There will also be a series of innovation grants for both teams and individuals to help boost the use of Adobe products in the learning teaching process.

Swinburne are also about to advertise for a new Associate Professor for Digital Literacies position who will oversee the management of the Creative Campus initiatives.


Professor Maddison said one of the main reasons for this initiative with Adobe is to prepare graduates for the future world of work. Swinburne staff and students are encouraged to not only use the Adobe products for teaching and learning but also for their own personal use to help enhance their personal passion projects. She said that the skills developed within the use of Adobe apps help train Swinburne students for the future world of work.

Following Professor Maddison’s introduction, it was up to Brian Chau (Adobe Solution Consultant) and myself to lead the Creative Jam.


After an overview and a Premiere Rush bootcamp, the Swinburne staff were given just under 3 hours to plan, film and edit a 1 to 2 minute video based on the topic – Digital Literacy.


The finished videos were quite impressive, especially considering none of the staff had used Premiere Rush before and, for many of them, it was the first time they had been part of a video production team.