Digital Creativity at East Doncaster Secondary College


On Wednesday 19th February, I had the pleasure to visit East Doncaster Secondary College in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs to work with some of their media and art students.


I was very pleased to meet with Media teacher Brett Lamb and see some of the great work he is doing to enhance digital creativity and communication skills at his school.

Character Animator and Premiere Pro where the two main applications that I demonstrated and work-shopped. The student picked up the basics and some of them displayed considerable talent.

The Victoria Department of Education are in the process of providing access to the most recent Adobe Creative Cloud applications to all of their secondary schools. So it is a pleasure to share the value of these tools throughout Victoria this year and see students and teacher make the most of them in the curriculum and beyond.

During this event, I also deomstarted Fresco and Aero and gave one of the students about 5 minutes to do a quick Fresco sketch. This is what she came up with …


She also showed me what she had recently created with Photoshop …


Another great example of when you give students the tools, time and encouragement they can produce incredible results.