1 Minute Video Challenge – Haileybury


Over 50 Year 9 media students from three different campuses (Berwick, City & Bentleigh) at Haileybury College in Melbourne took part in a special all-day virtual version of the Adobe 1 Minute Video Challenge.


The challenge was to work with a group, choose one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and promote it with a 1 minute video story using Adobe Premiere Rush.


The aim of this Challenge was to help the students enhance their video literacy, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills. All recognised internationally as vital to thrive in the future.


We began the day by going through the top five skills required to thrive in the future according to the World Economic Forum and relating them to what the student were about to do.

Then we went through the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and encouraged the students to establish their production groups and decide which one of the goals they would focus on.


Then we ran a short Adobe Premiere Rush workshop.


The criteria for each of the video stories featured the following…

  • Students need to work with a group (teachers can be included);
  • The completed video needs to be G rated;
  • All images & audio need to be either original or royalty free and appropriately credited;
  • All students who could be identified in the video need to have an Adobe release form signed by a parent or guardian;
  • Each video needs to have an opening title and closing credits (please only include first names in the credits)
  • Originality – the uniqueness and originality of the story.
  • Creativity – the effective use of imagination and creative thinking.
  • Story structure – effective beginning, middle & end.
  • Pacing – use of the 7 second rule
  • Framing – screen filled and lack of headroom,
  • Sound quality – effective use of the microphone
  • Music score – is the sound track suited to the clip and does it help tell the story
  • Informative – are the facts well researched
  • Message Effectiveness – is the story well communicated
  • Call to Action – does the clip create a desire in the viewer to make a change

The students then went through a pre-production planning stage where they brainstormed, scripted & story-boarded there way through a plan of their video story.


Then they has time to film and gather all their original and royalty free images and audio files for their story.


The deadline was 2PM to have have the stories editing and exported in preparation for the Showcase and judging at 2.30 PM.

There were 13 video stories created and the overall quality was very good, especially considering most of the students were new to video production and Premiere Rush. The groups that spent the most time planning produced the best results.

Each film went through a peer judging process and the winning films won chocolate and Adobe merchandise prizes.

Congratulations to

1st Place – Brighton Group 3 (474 pts) Zach, Clancy & Isaac
2nd Place – Berwick Group 5 (458 pts) Ruihan, Daniyal, Aaranan & Vlnith
3rd Place – City Group 3 (438 pts) Hongzheng, Aston & Kat

Here are samples of some of the student’s work …

Thank you to Mr Sam Lucas (Head of Haileybury Art) for organising this event.

Feedback from the teachers involved …

Running our first Cross Campus Zoom event was a really exciting and successful experiment. It meant that the students could engage and experience contact with an industry professional without leaving the campus. Great work.

Thanks, Tim for a really successful session. You presented concrete and relevant examples of how these tools will be used in a future workforce. Something that is consistently needed within creative arts studies with young people.

The event was well structured and allowed for students to experience a good amount of theoretical knowledge whilst remaining engaged. The idea to view and judge at the end was a great way to have the students reflect on their knowledge and techniques. It was well managed and enjoyable for the students.

This actually worked really well in the online learning forum, having the students able to interact and engage with other campuses was unique. I could imagine this would be really beneficial if we could do this with other schools or interstate, even internationally!

A highlight was the structure and resources for the day also the skill level of Dr Kitchen as a presenter

My highlight was seeing the kids having fun making films. As they ventured outside of the classroom, each group found a quiet spot to capture footage for their short film. Everyone got involved and enjoyed the process of creating films using Adobe Rush.

It was an enjoyable day. Thank you.