This week’s Inject Creativity Live events

Hi Folks

Have a look at this week’s Inject Creativity Live chat-show and deeper-dive show featuring Adrian Bruch from SAE Creative Institute in Melbourne and Paul McClean from New Zealand.

Click here for the Deeper-dive event

  • Chapter 1 – Introductions
  • Chapter 2 – Adrian Bruch – The Adobe Pen Tool
  • Chapter 3 – APAC Summit promo (
  • Chapter 4 – Paul McClean – Stock taking a school’s creative-state.
  • Chapter 5 – Resources & takeaways

Join us live for the next show on Wednesday 19th August at 6.30 PM (AEST) with special guest, Melbourne Primary Teacher and Adobe Education Leader Joel Aarons as well as Film maker and Social Media Lead at ESPN Jamie van Leeuwen