Sparking Creativity among teens at risk in Vietnam

Over 3000 teenagers (mainly girls) from Vietnam applied for about 750 places at the 2020 Summer Camp run by the  Pacific Links Foundation  called Camp Connect 2020 where I had the pleasure of running a set of six Adobe Spark workshops.


The theme of the camp was Building a Brighter Tomorrow and the mission of the Pacific Links Foundation is to support the sustainable development of Vietnamese communities & the enrichment of their cultural heritage

Over the past 15 years, this Foundation has produced some outstanding results.


I spent much of the weekend (on Zoom) working with about 120 Vietnamese teenagers who are risk of being trafficked. My repeated workshop was based on teaching them Spark Post & Spark Video to help develop some digital skills in the hope that they will stay at school and find employment.



The objective of this camp are to:

■ To build a solid foundation for a bright future
■ To promote personal development by strengthening self-awareness
■ To introduce new paths and directions for the future

Students who did not have access to devices or the Internet were looked after by a range of companies and the camp was run by over 100 volunteers providing a total of 270 workshops via Zoom run by 130 presenters from around the globe.

It was a delight to be involved and provide some new digital skills and opportunities to these wonderful young people.


I enjoyed sharing some of my past Vietnam experiences when I took a group of students on a 2009 World Challenge trip to paint a school for the blind in Hanoi. This became the topic of my Spark Post while the students were encouraged to create posters based on their passions.