Year 10 to 12 – Get to know your Adobe apps – Session 2 recording

On Wednesday April 28 we recorded session 2 of the Get to know your Adobe apps webinar series. Based on the survey during session 1, the apps most in demand for closer attention were Premiere Rush, Acrobat and Spark Page.

A few hours prior to the recording of these workshop/demos, we did a session with Central Queensland University students and teachers on Adobe Spark and this recording somehow got mixed up in the same BlueJeans recording link. So Chapter 1 of this session is a bonus recording by Dr Tim Kitchen on Adobe Spark for your viewing pleasure.

Click here for the recordings

Chapter 1 – Bonus CQU Adobe Spark session by Tim Kitchen
Chapter 2 – Get to know your Adobe Apps intro by Tim Kitchen
Chapter 3 – Adobe Premiere Rush workshop/demo by Steve Nichols
Chapter 4 – Acrobat DC workshop/demo by Adrian Bruch
Chapter 5 – Adobe Spark Page workshop/demo by Tim Kitchen
Chapter 6 – Key resources

Session 3 will be – Mon May 17 – 4.30 PM – 6.00 PM AEST and the focus will be on Adobe Character Animator, Illustrator and Audition

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