Low-lift & High-impact Adobe apps – webinar recording

On Tuesday, 8 June we converted what was to be a face-to-face professional learning event at John Paul College in Melbourne to an online event focused on Adobe’s low lift and high impact applications. It was a pleasure to have Adobe Education Leaders Michelle Dennis from Haileybury College and Justin de Lacy from Woodleigh School join me for this event.

Click here to access the recording of the main sessions.

  • Chapter 1 – Introductions,
  • Chapter 2 – Adobe in Education overview, the video didn’t record well so click here for access, Hillary’s story, app catergories
  • Chapter 3 – N/A
  • Chapter 4 – Key resources, resources video didn’t record so click here for access.

Workshop recording:

  • Adobe Aero with AEL Michelle Dennis – click here
  • Unfortunately Justin’s Spark workshop recording had a technical issue. Click here to see some Adobe Spark EduTips

Key resources shared

The Adobe Creative Educator Program

Inject Creativity Live – YouTube show

Feedback comments

Here are some of the comments about the highlights:

  • Breakout zooms with the opportunity to play with the programs
  • Creating our own websites
  • Having a practice with the tools
  • Opportunity to play with the product during the session
  • Excellent appropriate content
  • Learning about Adobe Aero – I have tinkered with it but it was good to have Michelle’s expert guidance.
  • Aero – just amazing
  • Getting to do it as we were learning it
  • It was fantastic to actually have a walk through session on how to use the spark applications! Felt very personalised. Tim was a great presenter/host!
  • Seeing apps that are new to me
  • Exploring the updates to Premiere Rush

Other comments

  • Well organised and engaging
  • Well worth attending
  • Thank you for being awesome Tim, Justin and Michelle-for the knowledge you kindly share with us

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