The 2021 AUF Convention

On Tuesday 6th July, I was invited to keynote and run two creativity workshops at The Australian Universal Federation (AUF) of Education & Culture Convention.

The AUF involves the following schools from around Australia:

My keynote topic was Creativity for All – Preparing for Student Success and to start the session, I asked the participants to do a Word-cloud activity based on typing words that they associate with creativity.

It was lovely to see so many thoughtful responses with a focus on the theme of imagination, originality and innovation.

I then asked the teachers to rate their thoughts on creativity, how it relates to curriculum and if creativity can be taught. Note the results below and especially the spread of opinions about whether creativity can be taught or not.

It was a privilege to present this topic to such a wide range of educators. I would like thank Alper Ciftici who is the professional learning coordinator at Amity College in NSW for all the work he put into the convention and for inviting me to be involved.

If you are interested in seeing most of the content that I presented, I did a similar session for the 2021 ACCE Conference that was recorded and is opening available …