Adobe Creativity Challenge – NSW Schools

Even while battling the restrictions of lock-down, as part of an Adobe Creativity Challenge event, a number of talented NSW Year 7-9 students were able to work in virtual teams to create short video clips that promoted good hand hygiene.

Adobe Creative Challenges are all about working with a team to design & share a digital solution to a problem. In this case, the problem was that many people tend to rush the important process of good hand hygiene. The solution was to work in a team of between 3 and 5 to produce a video (no longer that 1 minute) made with either Adobe Spark, Premiere Rush; Character Animator, After Effects &/or Premiere Pro.

The NSW Department of Education provide Adobe applications for all of their schools for teachers and students to enhanec their digital literacy, communication and creativity skills.

This challenge was for NSW Year 7-9 students and over 260 were initially registered from 9 schools. In the end, 20 short films were showcased from 5 schools. Even though not everyone was able to complete a film in the time required, the process of working in a team, planning, filming and editing a short film is always a valuable exercise and lots can be learned through the process.

A key highlight with this Adobe Creativity Challenge was the involvement of Marcus Bolton from Cutting Edge, a leading provider of sound and picture post production for the advertising, features & television industries, both in Australia and internationally.

Marcus Bolton, Head of Features & Television with CUTTING EDGE

Marcus’ career spans over a quarter of a century in the Australian feature film, television and advertising industry as a senior compositor, post-production manager, and visual effects supervisor. Having Marcus to help provide guidance and inspiration to the students was outstanding and a wonderful opportunity for all the students and teachers involved.

A special thank you also goes to Peter O’Doherty, Senior Project Officer of the NSW DoE Regional Industry Education Partnerships, for his help to organise and manage this event.

Here are some of the entries that we are allowed to make public …

Common Sense

by Charlie, Olivia & Summer (Sydney Girls High School)

Washing Hands

by Leighton, Levi & Xavier (Marist College Eastwood)

Crisis Prevented

by Byron, Michael & Michael (Robert Townson High School)

How to wash your hands: a step by step guide

by Arda, Dominic & Petar (Hoxton Park High School)

The Secret Life of Germs

by Annie, Lila, Lucy & Olive (Sydney Girls High School)

Clean Cash

by Mitchell, Lachlan & Hendrix (Robert Townson High School)

The Epic Soap Battle

by Melissa, Negin & Tatiana (Sydney Girls High School)

Washing Your Hands

by Annisha, Amarnie & Natasha (Robert Townson High School)

Staying Safe

by Tristan, Anton & Ryan (Marist College Eastwood)

How to wash hands

by Chloe, Liliana & Oriana (Hoxton Park High School)

Staying Safe, Saying Healthy – COVID Style

by Michael, Isaiah, Daniel, Sam & Alex (Marist College Eastwood)

Stay COVID Safe – Washing Hands Safely

by Sabri, Rumman & Kaine (Hoxton Park High School)