Adobe Creativity Challenge – Victoria

Over 400 students from 10 Victorian schools registered for a recent Adobe Creativity Challenge.

Adobe Creative Challenges are all about working with a team to design & share a digital solution to a problem. In this case, the problem was that many people tend to rush the important process of good hand hygiene. The solution was to work in a team of between 3 and 5 to produce either a 1 min video, webpage or poster.

The students had less than 1 week to work with their groups and some were not able to meet the deadline but we emphasised that the process is just as important as the outcome and praised their efforts.

Problem solving, collaboration, digital literacy and creativity are vital skills for students to develop and all were on show during this challenge.

Here are some of the submissions that were showcased live last Wednesday with parental/guardian permission to be published…

Rivercrest Christian College

Video by Coco, Varsha, Jessica & Elysha

Academy of Mary Immaculate

Spark Page webpage including videos by Alice, Evie & Elise

Rivercrest Christian College

Video by Kiara, Ari, Harini & Brodie

Newtown Primary School

Video by Myah, Ivy, Edie, James and Seb

Rivercrest Christian College

Spark Page webpage including videos by Bhavreen, Aikamjot, Lily & Viv

Rivercrest Christian College

Video by Raquel, Kai, Ray and Nazier