Meeting with the Global Adobe Education Team

I was known as OG (Old Gangster – more realistically Old Guy) when the global Adobe Education Team met in San Francisco last week. With a group of outstanding new education experts representing all regions of Nth America, it was a great opportunity to connect with wider global team members for four days of intensive training, fun and lots of avocado.

The first two days involved training with just the Adobe K-12 Education Evangelist and Community team getting to know each other, sharing resources and planning. We were joined in the final two days by the wider Adobe Education Higher Ed, Sales, Marketing, Support and Product teams.

It has been great to see the growth and focus that Adobe has had on Education since I joined the team back in 2013. What was a small team back then has developed into a major force within this international software juggernaut.

The highlight for me was catching up friends and colleagues who I have known for years as well as meeting new team members who have recently joined.

It is a real privilege to be working with these guys and helping to share the value of Adobe’s amazing digital creativity tools with students and teachers around the globe and striving for our mission to inspire and empower the next generation to be lifelong creators.

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