Enhancing creativity at Camberwell South Primary School

It was delightful to be invited by Adobe Education Leader Joel Aarons to visit his school Camberwell South Primary in Melbourne for a special Adobe Day focused on enhancing creativity with Adobe Express.

Joel organised a rotation of workshops and presentations for all students from Years 3 to 6 followed by a special professional learning event after school.

Student workshop topics included creating meams with Adobe Express, web pages with Spark Page on the iPad and video stories with Spark Video on the iPad.

The teacher session involved looking at the importance of encouraging creativity as a skill to thrive in the future and we went hands-on with Adobe Express to build an info-graphic and short video highlighting important skills to teach students.

I’d like to thank Joel for organising this special Adobe Day. The Victorian Department of Education and Training provide Adobe applications for all of their secondary schools and a number of selected primary schools. It is always a pleasure to share the value of these amazing digital creativity tools with Victorian teachers and students.

Join a coming online Adobe TeachMeets session to learn more about how to use your Adobe tools in a wide range of curriculum areas. Workshop breakouts are available for those new to Adobe and those who are regular users.