Introducing Adobe Express to Vietnamese students at risk

For the past three years, I have had the pleasure to be involved with a special event by the Pacific Links Foundation for Vietnamese students who are risk of trafficking.

Last Saturday, I ran four digital creativity workshops based on publishing posters with Adobe Express.

Each workshop involved logging the students into the free version of Adobe Express on a range of devices such as phones, android tablets and laptops. Then we used the chat feature on Zoom to brainstorm the things we love doing in our spare time.

We used those ideas to create a digital poster with Adobe Express titled This is me.

I was assisted at each session by some wonderful translators. Most of the students has very little English but they managed really well and seems to really enjoy learning some new digital creativity skills.

Adobe Express is a fabulous set of apps to enhance digital creativity and communication skills. The aim of these workshops was to encourage the student to introduce them to a new set of skills and resources that they can use at school and in their own time and motivate them to develop even more skills that they can use to enhance their future employment prospects.

I shared the Get to Know Adobe Express resource for the students to share with their teachers and friends to help them all get to know more about this amazing portal of creativity.

I’m looking forward to being involved again next year.