Big Day In Junior in Sydney’s West

On Thursday 1st September, The Australian Computer Society Foundation along with Hilltop Road Public School hosted a special Big Day In Junior event for all of their Year 5 & 6 students and teachers.

Dr Tim Kitchen rotated students through a set of lessons based on using Adobe Express to create a poster based on how to improve the planet, converting the poster into a short video and then turning the video into an animated gif.

The students produced some wonderful results and learned lots about digital creativity at the use of Adobe Express as a tool for communicating in many subject areas and for fun.

Adobe Education Leader Brett Kent who, teaches at Hilltop Road Public School, ran a series of sessions on how to use Photoshop to turn your face into The Hulk. Photoshop is one of Adobe’s professional tools, yet the students had no problem picking up a number of techniques that that can apply to all sorts of digital design work they will do in the future.

After school, Dr Kitchen was joined by Brett Kent and Adobe Education Leader Michael Turner from Mitchell High School for a professional learning event for Hilltop Road teachers as well as visiting teachers from the region.

This teacher session involved workshops and demonstrations on how the following applications can be used in a range of curriculum areas:

  • Character Animator (for real-time animation)
  • Adobe Express (for making informatics)
  • Adobe Express (for making short video stories)
  • InDesign (for desktop publishing)
  • Premiere Rush (for video editing)

The NSW Department of Education (one of the world’s largest K-12 education systems) provide Adobe software to all their schools so that their students and teachers have a toolkit of applications to help them enhance their communication skills.

Adobe Express is a great way to get started with the world of digital creativity. It is a browser and app based set of applications to help build posters, graphics, infographics, flyers, booklets, video stories, webpages and so much more. K-12 school are able to access Adobe Express at no cost all over the planet.

Photoshop is tool that is used in many industries for image manipulation, digital art and design. Both Adobe Express and Photoshop are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is a suite of about 50 apps, resources and services used by students and industry professionals all over the globe.

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