Creativity at Kirrawee High School – Sydney

Kirrawee High School in Sydney hosted an Adobe Day on Thursday 16th March. The first Adobe Day for NSW in 2023.

The day started with a delightful group of about 40 SRC (School Representative Council) students from all years levels. I showed them how they could use Adobe Express to make posters, video stories and web pages to help promote the various actives they will be running throughout the year. For most of them, it was an introduction to Adobe Express and they loved the ease and usefulness of the application.

The rest of the day was spent with a range of media and art classes with a focus on Photoshop, Premiere Pro and InDesign.

After school, I had the privilege of presenting to the whole staff and sharing with them the value of Adobe Express for any curriculum area. They loved the ease of the tools and how students & teachers can create great looking content so quickly.

Many of the teachers and students wished they had known about Adobe Express earlier. Here are some quotes from the students …

  • Within the timeframe of 1 hour, I have learnt more about photoshopping than YouTube has taught me my whole life – thank you Dr Kitchen. – Norah
  • The workshop was very educational as it taught us crucial skills in technology and online resources that I will not only be able to use in all aspects of school, but in my later life. – Tiana
  • The session provoked creativity and taught us how to communicate our ideas effectively and in an engaging manner. – William  
  • This course has enabled us to create our own projects and taught us a variety of things which encourage creative thinking not only in a school environment, but also throughout our lives. – Lola