Adobe Day at Swinburne

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swinburne_logoOn Tuesday 27th January, Brian Chau, Matt Davis (two of Adobe’s finest Solution Consultants) and myself ran a day of Adobe training activities/presentations for a number of lecturing staff at Swinburne University’s School of Design in Melbourne. IMG_9820I began the day presenting the learning theory of Connectivism as published by Dr George Siemens from Canada and relating this to Adobe’s 2014 research on employability.

see my post from May 7, 2014 

Seeking creative Candidates research

Matt Davis ran some repeated sessions on digital publishing with InDesign in the morning and some afternoon session on linking Adobe Mix & Adobe Color with Photoshop.


IMG_9804Brian Chau, ran morning sessions on Adobe Captivate and then spent the afternoon showing how the new IOS apps Adobe Shape & Adobe Brush link well with Adobe Illustrator.


IMG_9815The workshops that I ran featured video solutions based around Adobe Presenter, Adobe Clip and Premier Pro CC.

It was great getting such positive feedback from the Swinburne staff such as …

‘I was  with the pace: I’ve been at classes where its either way too fast and i get sulky, or its way too slow and i start daydreaming.  The presenters moved along at quite a fast – but not too fast – pace.  they re-iterated what was important, with the understanding that it was new territory and certain things need re-iterating.’

‘Got to see overview of  quite a few different things,  – ie wasn’t too focused on individual apps’

‘Mobile applications and film making was excellent and a great value to education.’

‘Captivate and Presenter will be immediately useful for me. Video demonstrations were spectacular and inspirational.’

The big take away for everyone was to get involved with the Adobe Education Exchange and contribute to this amazing global network of innovative and creative educators.

IMG_9821The slides I use on this day are available on the Education Exchange as a resources via –



Swinburne Open Day

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Thank you to everyone at Swinburne University (Melbourne) for such a successful open day last Sunday. Special thanks to Cat Leonard, Swinburne’s Adobe Student Rep who did such a great job engaging with so many perspective Swinburne students and parents.

SwinOpenDay2014Also thanks to Matt Davis & Brian Chau, two of Adobe’s finest Solution Consultants, for taking time out of their Sunday to support this day.

It is a pleasure for the Adobe Education team to support such a dynamic place of education and learning.

Swinburne University is one of only a few universities in the southern hemisphere to be selected as part of the prestigious Adobe Partners by Design program.