Fun with Photoshop @ Forest Lake


Forest Lake State High School is a fabulous school located about 30min out of Brisbane and I enjoyed spending yesterday with wonderful group of students to help them further develop their digital literacy skills.

We started the day with a quiz about Adobe as a company and how the nearly 100 Adobe applications and services are used in education and a wide range of industries.


The focus for the day was enhancing images with Adobe Photoshop and the students mastered a number of skills such as:

  • making 3D banners
  • content aware fill
  • clone stamp tool
  • perspective warp tool
  • puppet warp tool
  • the liquify filter and lots more

Special thank you to Alison Hirini, MJ Raatz and the staff of Forest Lake State High School for helping to put this event together and giving their students an opportunity to enhance their 21st century creativity & digital literacy skills.


Adobe Edu in Brisbane

Following my keynote with all the staff of Brigidine College in Brisbane (Queensland) at the start of this year, I returned this week for a special Adobe Education workshop/presentation with about 30 teachers from around the Brisbane area. Then returned again the following day for a video workshop with a group of students.


About 20 schools were represented at the professional learning event by teachers keen to know more about how Adobe is making a difference in enhancing creativity and 21st century communication skills in classrooms all over the world.

As you can see from the image below, we had an ambitious plan …


Most of the plan was achieved and all my resources for this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via:

Similar events are planned throughout Australia this year. Find out more via the following links …

To thank Brigidine College for hosting this week’s PL session, I ran a video focused Adobe Day for a group of Year 9s the following day. It was a pleasure to show them a range of video production techniques and teach them the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro.

The students started by creating a title background for their video story using Adobe Post.

Then we moved to the school’s green screen studio to do some filming


The rest of the day was spent getting familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro and using it to construct each of the video stories.


I was very impressed with what the students were able to achieve in such a short time.

Special thank you to Brigidine College Assistant Principal Paul Bennett for helping to organise these two days of Adobe creativity.




Creativity at Templestowe College

Templestowe College (TC as they like to call it) in Melbourne is one of the most innovative schools I have had the pleasure of visiting. Last Wednesday 22nd February, I enjoyed working with some of their key art teachers and some very talented students at this amazing school.

I was very impressed when I first saw the 2014 TEDx talk by Peter Hutton, Principal at Templestowe College ( Peter is breaking down the traditional concept of what is school with a major focus on students talking responsibility for their own learning. I urge you to watch his talk and get a sense of what is happening at this amazing school.

Peter has employed some very talented teachers who are supporting his vision for progressive education. One such educator in Mini Goss who has spent most of her working life as an illustrator and author. These days, she is teaching her craft to some very luck students and showing them how products such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are fundamental to the print industry.


Meeting Mini Goss

I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with some very talented art students and was pleased to be able to show them some Adobe applications that should be able to lift their work to the next level and help them communicate their talent to their peers, their teachers and a wider global audience.

I’m looking forward to visiting Templestowe College again next month where I will be running a workshop for the general teaching staff.


Re connecting with Carey & Strathcona

This week, I had the delightful experience of working with students and teachers at two Melbourne schools that are very meaningful to me. Last Monday 20th February, I visited Carey Baptist Grammar School and on Tuesday I ran some sessions at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School.


My connection with Carey goes way back to its origins in 1923 when my Grandfather Charles Ridley Kitchen was a foundation scholar. My father, Paul Kitchen also studied at Carey as did my uncle Tim Costello. I went there as a student from 1979 (the year girls started at Carey) to 1986 and I later worked as a primary teacher at the Carey Junior School from 1996 to June 2000. Both of my sisters went to Carey for some part of the education and I currently have a niece there in Year 10.

Strathcona has been a significant part of my professional life as an educator since I began teaching there in July 2000 as an IT Teacher and the school’s ‘Web Master’. I worked at Strathcona for 13 years under the leadership of Mrs Helen Hughes who helped me develop my skills as a leader and an educator. I was the Year 10 Coordinator for five years and finished my time as their Director of Learning Technologies before starting my current role with Adobe.

At Carey, I spent much of the day at their maker space called the Sandpit which is a great feature of their new Centre for Learning and Innovation.


I had the pleasure of working with a number of Carey staff and students, showing them a wide range of Adobe applications to help them enhance their creative communication skills.


I’d like to thank Kylie Taig, Carey’s Head of innovation and Learning Design (K-12), for organising the day and I’m looking forward to supporting her and the school in the future.


On Tuesday 21st February, I spent most of the day with a range of students and teachers at Strathcona where we worked on some Photoshop and Adobe Spark techniques.

The Year 10 Web Design class appreciated learning how to use Adobe Photoshop to compress large image files and optimise them for online use.

Another class of Year 10 students learned how to use Adobe Spark Post, Spake Video & Spark Page to produce creative digital posters, videos and web pages to help construct their learning.


I’d like to thank Ross Phillips, Strathcona’s Dean of Studies, for organising these sessions.

Digital creativity in the Hunter Valley


Twenty-Five Catholic school teachers, from all over the Hunter Valley region in rural NSW gathered together on a very warm Friday 17th February at All Saints College, St Peter’s Campus in Maitland for an all-day professional learning experience based on getting more familiar with a range of Adobe’s creative productivity tools.

We started the day with an overview of what Adobe is as a company and how its software is being used in education and industry around the world to enhance creativity & digital experiences. Then we explored some of the free mobile apps with the teachers teaming up to produce a short video using Adobe Premiere Clip.

Other products we work-shopped including the three Adobe Spark tools (Spark Post, Spark Video & Spark Page) and Adobe Photoshop with a focus on 3D banners, content aware fill, clone stamp & the liquefy filter.

Most of the afternoon sessions were dedicated to more serious video production & video editing skills with Adobe Premiere Pro.

We used a green screen to film one of the teachers then shared that footage with other footage & audio to make a short video story about hover-boarding.


All the resources that were shared throughout this day can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –

Special thank you to Christine Chapple (Education Officer, Catholic Schools Office) and All Saints College, St Peter’s Campus in Maitland for organising this event.


Adobe Day with Dapto High


A specially selected group of talented student from Year 8 to 12 at Dapto High School in New South Wales had a very early start on Wednesday 15th February. They met at Dapto station at 6.45 AM to get to the Adobe Sydney office by 9.15 AM for an Adobe Day with me.

Following a tour of the office, we set up a green screen to do some filming and went though a wide range of key camera capture techniques.

Here are some of the key techniques we looked at …

Most of the day was spent getting familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage that was filmed along with a range of footage and audio options.

The students were a delight to work with. They picked up the various techniques quickly and were able to apply them.

Adobe Education Leader Darcy Moore, Deputy Principal at Dapto High, was instrumental in organising this event. I’m, looking forward to visiting the school later this year and continuing to hear from Darcy about how these students progress with their video literacy skills.

Freshwater comes to Adobe


On Tuesday 14th February, 2016 a wonderful group of Year 12 Multimedia students from Northern Beaches Secondary College Freshwater Senior Campus visited the Adobe office in Sydney for an Adobe Day.

An Adobe Day usually involves a group of students being mentored by an Adobe expert on a project based activity either at the amazing Sydney office or on location at the student’s school. On this Adobe Day, these Year 12 students were doing an Industry Study on Adobe as a company and also wanted to know more about how to use Adobe Muse & Photoshop to present their work.


To help the students collect more information for their Industry Study on Adobe, Wayne Weisse, Adobe’s Sales Director – Public Sector Asia Pacific spoke to the students and answered their questions. They were keen to know about the structure of the business, technologies used for production and services, sustainability practices and the way Adobe is involved with various corporate responsibility projects around the globe.


The students then went on a tour of the Sydney office.

After the tour, we worked on some Photoshop & Adobe Muse techniques.

The students also spent some time showing me the current stage they are up to with their major Multimedia assessment.

Their teacher, Andrew Lai is an Adobe Campus Leader. He is very passionate about giving his students the best opportunities to be creative and to develop their 21st century communication skills.