Adobe @ Canberra Institute of Technology


About 20 educators from Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) took part in a special Adobe Day event on Friday May 31.

We began the day with an overview of a range of Adobe applications that are used by educators and students to enhance digital creativity around the globe. Then we broke into two video workshop sessions focusing on Adobe Spark video then Premiere Rush.

The main resources shared during this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –

Injecting Creativity in Ryde, Sydney


About 70 teachers from 13 schools registered for the Inject Creativity into the Curriculum with Adobe professional learning event hosted  by Ryde Public school on May 29.

One of  the highlights of this event were the following hands-on workshops run by Adobe Education Leaders (AELs), Adobe Campus Leaders (ACLs) and Adobe software experts …

  • InDesign, desktop publishing made simple by  Michael Turner (ACL)
  • Adobe apps in STEM – Brett Kent (AEL)
  • Photoshop tips & tricks – Bec Smith
  • Adobe Drawing tools on the iPad – Jane Chen (Adobe Solution Consultant)
  • Spark Video & Premiere Rush, video production made easy – Tim Kitchen

Comments about highlights (from the feedback) of this event included …

  • Learning how to use the programs better and how to implement in a Stage one setting
  • Getting to practise using the character animation program
  • The STEM tools and tips.
  • The capabilities of the programs that Adobe has to offer
  • The overview of all the programs. Looking forward to experimenting with them all!
  • Seeing all the products – I didn’t know there were so many!
  • Adobe mobile/iPad apps are great for infants – e.g adobe draw, spark post and spark video
  • Learning about the new painting app that hasn’t come out yet
  • Seeing the elements of the apps in action
  • Learning about the ADOBE CC applications and how they could be used and implemented in a primary school setting.
  • Choosing a workshop that you were interested in. The small group enabled more attention and ability to ask questions
  • Loved Adobe Spark, simple tool, easy to use but maximum return for time invested. A new story telling tool!!
  • Watching a selection of video grow into a great presentation
  • Learn about use of Photoshop and Premiere Pro with VR
  • Practical tips in InDesign.
  • seeing how to create VR with Photoshop
  • Discovering how I can engage students with presentations without them needing to stand in front of the class- animator.
  • Learning about 3D virtual reality cameras
  • Learning about the applications in Adobe
  • Learning about new programs that can be implemented into the classroom to improve student engagement
  • Knowing more about photoshop
  • Creativity!
  • Tim’s presentation style was excellent.
  • Learning to make a video on Adobe Spark
  • Great Presenter, very personable.
  • Seeing staff have light bulb moments and not being scared of the technology on offer.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the drawing tool session with Jane.

Click here to access the main resources shared during this event via the Adobe Education Exchange


Adobe Day – Ryde Public School


On Wednesday May 29, I had the pleasure of working with all the Year 5 & 6 students and teachers from Ryde Public School in Sydney to help enhancing their digital creativity skills with Adobe Spark Video.


Each student was challenged to work with a partner to create a short video story about their passions.


The students shared their stories with each of their classes and the teachers were very exciting by the way the students were so engaged with the software and the activity.

Special thank you to Assistant Principal Mrs Ellen Payne for organising this Adobe Day.

VR Editing @ Redlands


I was invited to run an Adobe Day on May 28 at Redlands focusing on editing 360 degree video for virtual reality with Premiere Pro. Redlands is located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, in Cremorne and for this event hey organised 90 Year 10 & 11 media students to work with me for the day.


For many of the students, it was their first time working with Premiere Pro to edit video so we began the day with some simple editing techniques. The students picked up the basic skills really quickly, so we move into some more complected techniques such as how to key out a green screen background.


In the afternoon, I provided the students with some 360 degree footage and showed them how to apply their newly found techniques in to creating a virtual reality (VR) story.


They were all given a challenge to create a entertaining 30sec clip to share with everyone. I was very impressed with what they achieved and how much they learned in a day.

Click here if you would like to learn how to edit 360 footage in Premiere Pro





Video workshop with ISV

On Friday May 24, I ran a video workshop with a some independent school educators at ISV (Independent Schools of Victoria) in Melbourne.

We began with the use of Adobe Spark Video to show how quickly a video story can be made with this very popular software.


Then we progressed to Adobe Premiere Rush to allow more editing options.


We spent some time going through a range of capture techniques, including filming with a green screen.

Then we spent the rest of the day learning how to do use the industry standard Adobe Premiere Pro to put together a video story.




Big Day In Junior – Hobart


The Big Day In Junior hit Tasmania for the first time with a great day of digital creativity at The Hutchins School in Hobart on Thursday 23rd May.

About 400 Year 5 & 6 students from eight Tasmanian schools visited The Hutchins School for a wide range of hands on activities provided by companies and organisation such as Google, Microsoft, Smart, Technology One, Wise Tech Global, The University of Tasmania and of course Adobe.


I’m quoted in the Big Day In Junior website stating the following …

Digital creativity, digital literacy, ICT skill development, design thinking and computation thinking are all  fundamental aspects of the Australian Curriculum (AC) and are the essence of what is being fostered during each Big Day In Junior (BDIJ) program around Australia.

Within the AC, Critical and Creative Thinking as well as ICT Capability sit alongside Literacy  and Numeracy as core F-10 general capabilities that are expected to be taught and assessed throughout Australia. Central to these general capabilities, is the statement derived from The (2008) Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians, that all young Australians become successful learners – confident and creative individuals – active and informed citizens.

The term multimodal text is found throughout the Australian English Curriculum as well as in other subjects. In the AC, it’s defined as combination of two or more communication modes such as print, image and spoken text, as in film or computer presentations. Examples of multimodal text include slide presentations, animation, book trailers, digital storytelling, live action film making, music videos and various web texts and social media ( The focus of multimodal text in the AC encourages teachers to allow students to use the modern 21st century tools available to them to construct their learning in a multitude of creative ways.

The Digital Technologies Curriculum is based on encouraging students to develop computational thinking skills, a fundamental part of great software development. The BDIJ program provides a number of hands on workshops run by industry and university experts to help students develop their computation thinking skills and learning simple coding operations.

There are also a number of links between the BDIJ and the Media Arts Curriculum. Industry experts from leading digital creativity companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Adobe are proud to be involved with the Australian Computer Society Foundation to help provide opportunities for participants in the BDIJ to enhance their digital media and communication skills.

Here is the link to an article I wrote in 2016 following taking part in a BDIJ program titled What schools should be like every day –

Here is a link to a more recent BDIJ video I made to help support this amazing program that links so well to the AC and provides teachers and students with valuable connections to industry and universities.

Big Day In – Hobart


The Big Day In came to Hobart, Tasmania on Wednesday 22nd May, 2019. About 400 students from around the state visited the University of Tasmania who hosted this wonderful event.

The Vice Chancellor,  Professor Rufus Black opened the event and shared with the secondary students about the importance of encouraging students to start up their own tech companies to assure their and Australia’s future.RufusBlack.jpg

I was the first of the keynote presenters with the topic, skills to thrive in the future.


Katy Cooper, Founder StartSchool & DisruptiveCo was next with the  topic The Driver, The Curator & The Expert – Preparing for the Age of the Individual

Other presenters included:

  • Dennis Prior, Department of Human Services – Cyber Security & You
  • James Ewan, ISW  – A Software Developer’s Journey
  • Nick Rudenno, Senior UX Designer, Handbuilt Creative – Passion, Persistence & a Fair Amount of Luck
  • Dr Paris Buttfield-Addison from & Mars Geldard  Paris from  Buttfield-Addison

Tasmanian Senator the Hon Eric Abetz also visited for a brief presentation about how both the state and federal government are supporting a range of STEM related activities to encourage students to develop skills in coding and ICT.


Tasmania is such a beautiful part of Australia. It really was a pleasure to be back there  again to meet and work with these amazing students, teachers and IT  professionals.