Big Day In – Newcastle


The University of Newcastle was the venue for over 300 students from the Hunter Valley and Central Coast of NSW who attended the Newcastle Big Day In on Tuesday 5th June.


It was my pleasure to again be the opening keynote presenter at this event and share with these students some of the skills required to prepare for the future workforce.


A highlight for me was to bring Adobe Intern Nick Stubbs onto stage and interview him about lessons he has learned as he finishes off his University studies. Being only a few years older then the students at this event, Nick was able to pass on very relevant key advice. Two key skills he highlighted, that the students should proiritse to thrive in the future, were resilience and creativity.


Nick and I met hundreds of the students during the breaks and shared with them ways that Adobe tools can help them enhance their creativity and help them brand themselves. A key resources we shared with the students was the Adobe Help Center. This is a great one-stop-shop to get beginners guides and advanced tutorials on just about every one of Adobe’s products.

Special thank you to the Australian Computer Society Foundation for the great work they do putting together these Big Day In events around Australia.

Creativity in Carrum Downs, Victoria


Rowellyn Park Primary School, in outer south-eastern Melbourne, has a very special Media Arts teacher named Carol Sieira who is passionate about enhancing her students’ digital literacy skills with Adobe tools.


It was delightful to recently visit one of Carol’s classes and Assistant Principal Alistair Sproal. Her classroom was surrounded with many examples of Adobe tools in action.

While I was there, the students were asked by Carol to use Adobe Photoshop Sketch on their iPads to draw a none stereotypical images of a male or female at work. This will later become part of an Adobe Spark video that the students will be working on. The topic complemented what the students were doing with their normal class teacher. Carol tries to link the techniques and concepts she is teaching in Media Arts as much as possible with the other work the students are doing.


Carol maintains a blog to help keep her students, colleagues and parents informed about the progress her students are making –


Within the blog, there are many examples of how Carol uses a range of Adobe applications to enhance the student’s digital literacy and creativity skills.

I would like to congratulate Carol on recently becoming an Adobe Campus Leader.

Big Day In – Melbourne


About 450 secondary students from a wide range of Melbourne schools met at the Melbourne Convention Centre for a fabulous Big Day In event on Wednesday 30th June.


The Big Day In is a series of events across Australia run by the Australian Computer Society Foundation with an aim to encourage students to consider a future in the IT industry.


I had the pleasure of being the opening keynote presenter, challenging the teenagers to develop a range of skills that will help them prepare for a future workplace.


I shared with them how the World Economic Forum rated the top 5 skills required for thrive in the future as:

  1. Complex Problem Solving
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People Management
  5. Coordinating with others


We looked at some of the findings of the recent Australia 2030 – Prosperity through Innovation study by Innovation Science Australia stressing the importance of interpersonal, entrepreneurial & creative problem solving skills.


I shared some of the work of Marc Prensky who lists vital skills of the future into three categories Effective Thinking, Effective Action & Effective Relationships.


I challenged the teachers in the audience to set assessment tasks that help enhance the above skills and incorporate skill development in these areas into their existing curriculum.

I encouraged the students to develop the skills to brand themselves in creative ways through video, image manipulation, special effects web publication, app development and audio production. All areas led by Adobe’s amazing software tools.

Many of the students were from Victorian Department of Education Secondary Schools who all have free access to Adobe’s amazing Creative Cloud software such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Animate and more. A number of the students and teachers were not aware of the agreement between the Victorian Government and Adobe that allowed students access to this great industry standard software. I encouraged them to ask their IT Admin support to help provide access on their BYOD devices via EduSTAR. See for more information.

Students and teachers from Independent & Catholic school can also take advantage of similar agreements, but each school does need to opt-in to take advantage.


Other presenters for this event included:

  • Professor Caroline Chan, Head of School, Business IT & Logistics, RMIT
  • Amanda Caples, Victoria’s Lead Scientist
  • Dr Marthie Grobler, CSIRO’s Data61
  • Mark Angrish, ANZ
  • Richard White, WiseTech Global
  • Dayle Stevens, AGL Energy
  • Emma Simons, Microsoft
  • Pete Williams, Deloitte


Special thank you to John Ridge (AM) & Kerrie Bisaro from the Australian Computer Society Foundation for the work they put into organising the Big Day In events across Australia. I’m looking forward to speaking in Newcastle & Brisbane this coming week to round up a wonderful season of events for 2018.

Adobe @ InterfaceXpo – New Zealand


InterfaceXpo is a series of education conferences in New Zealand for teachers and education leaders to find out what is new in the world of digital technologies and education.


I had the privilege of being the opening keynote presenter at their conference in Christchurch attended by about 250 educators.



Special thank you to Fruen Purnell from Adobe and Rosie Sue from Ingram to organised Adobe’s involvement in this event and helped me run a workshop in the afternoon focused on Photoshop Tips & Tricks and the use of Adobe Spark.



The resources I shared for this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –


Learning about Adobe in Education – Brisbane Part 2


Over 60 Queensland educators registered for the Adobe in Education Professional Learning event hosted at the TAFE QLD Southbank Campus on 23rd May.

It was lovely to work with Kev Lavery (AEL from TAFE QLD), Juliette Bentley (ACL from Brisbane) and Richard Turner-Jones (Adobe Consultant) for this event.


Kev, Juliette, Richard & Me

Workshops for this event included …

  • Text in Photos with Photoshop by Kev Lavery
  • Sparking creativity with Adobe Spark by Juliette Bentley
  • Making PDFs come alive with Acrobat DC & InDesign by Richard Turner-Jones
  • Flipped Learning with Adobe Presenter & Adobe Spark by Tim Kitchen
  • Video editing with Premiere Pro by Tim Kitchen

The resources I shared at this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –

Special thank you to Kev Lavery for helping to organise the venue.

Adobe Day with Northern Beaches Christian School


A group of photography students from Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) visited the Adobe Sydney Office on Thursday 24th May for an Adobe Day with Adobe Solution Consultant Jane Chen.

NBCS is a world renowned school that has been driving innovation in classroom & building design as well as curriculum for many years. On their website, they say they want learning to be fun, passionate, deep, authentic, personal, engaging, serious and relevant.

I was very pleased that Jane was able to host this session to help enhance the student’s photography skills with Adobe tools.

This event was organised by Mitch Layland (Head of Design at NBCS) and Chris Woldhuis (Assistant Principal and Adobe Education Leader). Here is Chris talking about some of the ways they work with Adobe tools.




Learning about Adobe in Education – Brisbane Part 1


Forest Lake State High School, near Brisbane, was the venue for the first of two consecutive professional learning sessions run by Adobe in Education to help teachers enhance their practice with the use of Adobe’s digital creativity and productivity tools.

Twenty four teachers registered for this event from nine different schools/universities.

Brisbane based Adobe Campus Leader Juliette Bentley ran a delightful workshop session titled Sparking creativity with Adobe Spark. Juliette is a well known teacher of english and she runs a series of creative writing classes for QLD students. She has been using the Spark tools in a creative way to get the best out of students writing and story telling. She has been asked to present her Spark workshops in Townsville and in Singapore later this year.


My former colleague and friend Richard Turner-Jones, ran a workshop on how to make the most of Adobe InDesign and Acrobat to create interactive assessment document. Richard is always a great support when I run events like this in Brisbane.


The work shop I ran for this event was on video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Even though it is a professional tool, it is not hard to learn the basics of Premiere Pro and it was great to see the teachers get excited about enhancing video production at their schools.


The resources for this event can be found on the Adobe Education Exchange via –

Special thank you to MJ Raatz and Nalin Naidoo from Forest Lake SHS for helping to organise this event.