Adobe @ Roseville College, NSW


On November 11, 2015 I had the pleasure of visiting Roseville College in Sydney to work with a delightful group of Year 6 students in the morning and a group of technology educators in the afternoon.

The Year 6 students worked on their ePortfolio skills with Adobe Acrobat Pro. They also had a taste of Photoshop and Adobe Slate.


I had the pleasure of meeting Bella (left) & Ella (right), two students who are passionate and highly skilled in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

In the afternoon, I worked with the TAS (Technology and Applied Studies) staff and introduced them to Adobe Muse and Presenter Video Express.


Lunch with the Roseville TAS (Technology and Applied Studies) staff

Special thank you to Adobe Campus Leader Abi Woldhuis (Junior School Executive – Teaching and Learning Innovation) for organising this special day.


Me & Abi Woldhuis (Adobe Campus Leader)