Cool Australia


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Cool Australia founder and CEO Jason Kimberley and his colleague Thea Nicholas at their office in Prahran, Melbourne.

Cool Australia is a not for profit organisation that provides outstanding  free education resources and processional learning focussed on environmental responsibility that are mapped to the Australian Curriculum.


Adobe have sponsored Cool Australia as part of their corporate responsibility sustainability program. We are very proud to be associated with the great work that Cool Australia is doing and encourage all Australian teachers to make use of the Cool Australia resources.

Since its beginnings in 2008, Cool Australia now impacts about 40% of Australia schools with a current reach of nearly 40,000 teachers.


They established Enviroweek, which in 2016 will run from September 11 to 17 and will involve over 180,000 students. Enviroweek is a national platform for early learning, primary and secondary schools to take action on environmental responsibility and engage their communities.


Jason Kimberley, founder & CEO of Cool Australia

It was great meeting Jason Kimberley and seeing the passion that he has to help make the world a better place through education. Jason has had an interesting background as a builder, retailer, restaurateur, photographer and adventurer. Following a 16 day expedition to Antartica in 2005 with fellow adventurers Jason Veale and Peter Hillary, he wrote the book Antarctica : a different adventure. During the research for the book, Jason became more aware of the increasing human impact on our planet and was inspired to share his concerns with the next generation and in August 2008, he started Cool Australia.

Here is a video that helps share Jason’s story …



It was also great meeting Thea Nicholas, the education guru at Cool Australia. An experience educator and passionate advocate for sustainability and the environment, Thea joined the Cool Australia team in 2013 with a focus on working with their curriculum developers to help teachers across Australia to access and utilise a wide range of sustainability curriculum resources aimed at inspiring students to make a positive change.


I am looking forward to a continued partnership with Cool Australia and linking some of the amazing Adobe tools with their outstanding curriculum material.