Thanks for a great year


The Adobe for Education mission statement is to inspire and empower the next generation to be life long creators. It has been a pleasure to keep this mission on track throughout 2015 and a privilege to work with some of the world’s most creative and passionate educators who make up the Adobe Education Community (AEC).


Globally, the AEC is currently made up of  259 Adobe Education Leaders (AELs), 130 Adobe Campus Leaders (ACL) and 860 Adobe Education Trainers (AETs). Collectively, the AEC has recorded an estimated impact on over 5.1 million students and teachers throughout 2015 in their quest to inspire and empower the next generation to be life long creators.


In the APAC region, there are currently 72 AELs, 44 ACLs and 112 AETs. It has been very pleasing to see a number of Australian AELs leading the way globally with events and impacts throughout 2015.

Active use events in 2015

During 2015, Adobe Education (APAC) in conjunction with the AEC have managed (or been involved with) about 200 events throughout the region and had direct contact with over 5000 students and 6000 teachers. This online journal has documented many of these events throughout the year.


Big Day In – Sydney (500 students)

2015 Adobe Days

During 2015, we ran 25 Adobe Days throughout Australia. Adobe Days are student workshops with expert Adobe educators or trainers. They are held either as an excursion to the Adobe office in Darling Harbour or an incursion where the Adobe educator/trainer visits the school.


Video stories of a number of the 2015 Adobe Days can be found on our Vimeo Channel – CreateEdu TV

Adobe Education Exchange

Globally, there are now nearly 250,000 members of the Adobe Education Exchange with just under 9,000 of them from Australia. So far over 3,600 Australian educators have joined this year compared to 2,500 who joined in 2014.

The APAC EdEx membership is now over 14,000, a great result considering that at the same time last year we had just over 8,000 APAC members. By the end of 2016, let’s aim for 20,000 APAC members of EdEx. For this to happen we need your support to help share the value of this resource and attract active members.


Have a great Christmas break everyone.