Allowing students to shine

Probably the greatest pleasure I had as a classroom teacher was giving my students a chance to shine and encouraging them to show off their hard work and talent to an authentic audience. It is easy to take for granted the influence we have as educators and the impact that some encouragement can have on a young person’s self esteem and confidence.

I was reminded of this reality after watching this YouTube clip from Kingswood High in Sydney’s west.

What an inspirational voice and what a great way to use Adobe Premiere Pro and other technologies in such a simple way to capture this talented Year 11 student and share her gift to an authentic audience.

Kingswood Studio is the brain child of English teacher (and Adobe Education Leader) Tim Creighton. A passionate and caring teacher, Tim is a great example of the thousands of teachers I get to work with each year who take risks and work very hard to bring out the best in their students.

Here is a short video on CreateEDU TV about about an Adobe Day we did together at Kingswood High that includes an interview with Tim.

I encourage all educators who read/see this post to reflect on the power and influence they have over the young people in their care and to provide them with creative opportunities to shine.


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