Creativity in Geelong, Victoria

At the hub of the The Geelong Library and Heritage Centre in Victoria, Australia is a dome shaped award winning architectural masterpiece that inspires creativity to all who visit.


Adobe Campus Leader Suzanne Cronin helps lead a range of education technology programs at the library for school groups and other members of the local and wider community. She invited me to run an afternoon of Adobe workshops for a number of the staff.


Suzanne Cronin – Adobe Campus Leader

Suzanne has had a unique background in TV production and education and we are very pleased to have her in our global Adobe Education leadership program.

Some of the Adobe Spark apps and Photoshop are used to help with the communications and education programs and it was a pleasure to provide the technical and education staff with some ideas on how they can further enhance the creative experience for all their visitors.



I was interested to hear that the dome shaped building was the winner of the coveted Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture in 2016.

Special thank you to Suzanne and her manager Gerrad Daniels for making this event happen.