Teach Tech Play 2018


Teach Tech Play is one of my favourite annual professional learning events because it is genuinely organised purely by full time teachers who give up their valuable time to provide learning opportunities and inspiration for other teachers.

Eleni Kyritsis (Strathcona BGGS), Corey Aylen (Haileybury) & Steve Brophy (Ivanhoe Grammar) run Teach Tech Play. They do a great job each year organising this event.


Kasey Bell, Tom Barret & Emily MacLean were the main keynote presenters. They all had a wealth of experience to share.


There was a dedicated Adobe workshop room for the two days of the conference where participants were able to choose from a great selection of topics.


Day 1

  • Sparking Creativity with Adobe Spark – Dr Tim Kitchen
  • Teaching Media Art Using Adobe Mobile Tools – Joel Aarons (AEL)
  • Smartphone Filmmaking – Dr Max Schleser (AEL)
  • Making cool HTML websites without coding – Dr Tim Kitchen

Day 2

  • Amplify your legendary status by becoming a ‘Classie’ designer – Andy Hair (ACL)
  • Make Photoshop Puppets come alive with Adobe Character Animator – Dr Tim Kitchen
  • Enterprise and Digital Technologies: Social Media Marketing using Adobe Tools – Michelle Dennis (ACL)
  • Photoshop Tips & Tricks – Dr Tim Kitchen

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Stay tuned for a video about this conference, coming soon to CreateEdu TV.